Looking for High School Students to join Walden’s Battle of the Books Team for next year!

Are you a teen book lover? Do you love reading and talking about books with your friends? If so, you might like to join Walden’s High School Battle of the Books team. It is similar to the elementary version you might have participated in at the Racine Public Library.  Team members meet weekly in the fall and winter in the library during lunch (yes, you can even eat your lunch in the library) and team members collaboratively read 20 amazing books over several months. Of course, you could read all of them if you’d like, but most team members read around five to eight of the books.

Included in the 20 books are usually 3 or 4 non-fiction books. The books are a variety of science fiction, fantasy, adventure, historical fiction, and other genres. Many are award winning books selected for their strong appeal to teens. It’s a great way to keep up with the latest trends in teen books. Every week team members meet and share their thoughts and reviews of  the different books they are reading. And sometimes discuss other good books as well.

The titles and authors of each of the Battle books must be memorized for the online battle that takes place in February. The team competes against about sixty teams throughout the state of Wisconsin. Questions are asked about the different books on the Battle list and participants must guess which book and author is the right answer. After the battle the team has a fun pizza party in the library! Since we enjoy meeting with our book friends we keep the meetings going every month even after the Battle of the Books competition is over by having a book club once a month where we all read the same book.

Our first group book club read will be The Red Queen, a best selling, fantasy dystopian fiction book by Victoria Aveyard.

red queen

In a similar fashion to Hunger Games and Divergent The Red Queen creates a world in which the Silvers (who have super powers) rule over the impoverished Reds. One red girl, Mare Barrow, looks for a way out of her poverty and life of servitude. She survives by being a pickpocket and without a job when she’s 18 she will be forced to join the military as a soldier. Unlike the other Reds who have little options she discovers she has secret powers. As the book plays out she ends up living in disguise among the Silvers and becoming betrothed to the King’s second son. The books is full of envy, betrayal, and deception. It’s a strong possibility for a future movie.

So, if you’d like to join this great group of book lovers, come talk to Eileen in the library!

Read more about the Red Queen at Good Reads




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