What’s Walden School Reading?


Walden School students have been reading a great variety of books this month but it looks like historical fiction is the favorite. Four of the top 10 books are WWII books. These excellent books include Soldier X, The Boy Who Dared, Prisoner B-3087, and Between Shades of Gray (not to confused with the other book with a similar title.) These books bring history to life for students! Another new, wonderful historical fiction book, The Lions of Little Rock, dealing with the civil rights period, is being read and enjoyed by middle school students in anticipation of the author visit by Kristin Levine later this month. Revolver is a fun adventure story, and of course students always enjoy graphic novels like Roller Girl and the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid book. The classic book Speak never goes out of style.




3 responses

  1. How about Newt Gringrich’s “Times That Try Men’s Souls”, “Valley Forge”, “Victory At Yorktown”


    1. Great suggestion!I’ve heard about these books before. Why do you think they appeal to teens?


  2. The Infographic gives good information!

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